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New Lamination Machine!

One of the biggest challenges to making Stretchbelt has been getting the Composite Material just right.  Over the course of two years I've made dozens of prototypes with different materials but one thing remained constant, a need to glue the layers together.  I've tried a lot of chemical glue solutions that were rather nasty to work with and quite expensive for the final product.  The best strategy turns out not to be a chemical glue but instead a mechanical bonding process that uses a sheet of what is essentially hot melt glue, similar to a glue gun. No fumes and no chemical residue!  This machine uses heat and pressure to combine all the layers, extra thick high quality 12 mm Neoprene foam, 3 mm Neoprene...

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New Hydraulic Clicker Press!

Today we finally received our new 40 ton hydraulic clicker press.  This is exactly what we need to die cut the composite laminate material for the Stretchbelt shape. For strength we use an extremely durable marine quality mesh material as one of the laminated layers and it turns out with the total composite that it became extremely difficult to cut.  Hence the 40 ton press.

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